GruntJS in Simple English Part5


How to install JSHint npm install grunt-contrib-jshint–save-dev

Usages of JSHint

  1. Ignoring the specific warnings
  2. Save the loggings
  3. We can defined the various configurations


How to install Uglify ? npm install grunt-contrib-uglify –save -dev

Usages of Uglify

  1. Variable renaming called mangling

    This configuration will turn on object property name mangling, but not mangle built-in browser object properties. Additionally, variables and object properties listed in the myExceptionsFile.json will be mangled. For more info, on the format of the exception file format please see the UglifyJS docs.
  2. Compression

    This configuration will compress and mangle the input files using the default options.
  3. Beautify Javascript

    USed for debugging purpose the good look like readable format


How to install clean ? npm install grunt-contrib-clean –save -dev

Usages of Clean

  1. How to forcefully removing files before run
  2. How to log render output
  3. Beautify Javascript

    Used for debugging purpose the good look like readable format