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linkedin 300x141 Five Things You Probably Are Not Doing on LinkedIn But Should

You would be having a LinkedIn account by now, but how exactly are
you using it? You might be doing random activities on Facebook or
Twitter throughout the day, but what about the activities on LinkedIn?

It’s true that LinkedIn is for professionals, and it would help you
when you would need a job and make a better career path, but do you
really think it would do the magic just at the time when you would want
the magic to happen? Probably not! So, you actually need to do certain
things on your LinkedIn account, out of which, I have mentioned 5 MUST
DO’s on personal LinkedIn handle here. And yes, for your ease, I have
categorized that into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. So, go ahead and
mark your calendar for when to do what.


  1. Treat it as your daily newspaper

Do you have a habit of reading the newspaper every morning? Well,
many do that, so nothing new! But, do you have a habit of going through
your LinkedIn newsfeed every day? Well, many don’t, so atleast you do
something new.

Why? Probably because this would help you have the quick updates
about the industry as well as what your contacts or connections are
upto. So, whether or not you are searching for a job, make it a daily
habit of going through the homepage feed and analyze how you need to
plan your career move.

And yes, while you do that, do not forget to leave a reply when ever
required. Like congratulating someone on the work anniversary or
complementing for a good work won’t take more than half a minute.

That’s all you have to do on your LinkedIn account in a day. Now, coming next is what you would need to do once in a week.

Once a Week

  1. Post what you are upto:

While you are spending some time on your LinkedIn profile on regular
basis to keep up with your network, it won’t be a bad move to post about
what you are upto to let your connections know about you as well. You
may share any good read, be it related to your profession or not, you
may share a review about places you visit or any other thing. Other than
these, you may as well write a personal blog expressing your thoughts
or experience and post it on LinkedIn

  1. Expand your network:

If you happen to meet new people at work, be it clients or
co-workers, then take out time once a week and add them to your LinkedIn
network. Connect with them personally on LinkedIn whenever you need to
and stay updated with what they are upto.

Once in a Month:

  1. Update your profile

Once a month, spend some time on your profile page. Either change
your profile picture or add the projects your have handled. The more
updated profile, better it would be for you to get searched by the
recruiters. No matter whether or not you are looking for a job, just
make sure you stay up to date.

  1. Interact on Groups

You would have joined different groups on LinkedIn, but have you ever
marked your presence there? Probably not, because very few care about
doing this. But  you do ensure for not to commit this mistake. Once a
month, do contribute to what’s happening at the groups that you have
joined. And yes, keep on adding relevant groups in your account.

So these are the 5 things that you probably have to do at LinkedIn,
so that you do not miss out of this potential social media handle.

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