10 New Things Developers Need To Deal With Today

Apps today need to be much more flexible and responsive. The result? A developer’s nightmare.           

  Remember the time when you could build an app, release it on the Play Store and not worry about it? Well ok, such a time never really existed. But app making didn’t quite have as many aspects (or headaches) as it does today. So, what exactly does a developer need to take care of when making an app? Well, there are a lot of things, starting from touch compatibility to responsive designs and adherence to various form factors. Here are some of the more commonly overlooked aspects of app design, which need to be a developer’s priority.

1. Mobile vs Mobile:

     Say you’re working on an app for Apple’s iPhone, each model of the iPhone differs from the other in terms of size, processor speed etc. Moreover, the iOS platform functions on almost all of them. So, your app has to be compatible with all of these devices. Of course, optimal performance may be possible in only one, but the more devices it works on, better it does in the store.

2. Responsive interfaces:

     The word ‘responsive’ is mostly associated to websites. But it is fast becoming important on the web space. If you’re targeting smartphones alone then you’re not making the best of the market. Most app makers would want to take advantage of mobiles, tablets and PCs, which means that your apps should be responsive to all these devices with their different screen sizes and other specifications.

3. HD Monitors:

     Technology grows and as it does, it adds to the developer’s headache. Monitors on PCs and other devices are providing 4K resolution now, which means that the developer now needs to take this into considerations when designing an application for any of the platforms.

4. Televisions:

     Smartphones and tablets aren’t the only devices that run applications now. With the arrival of Smart TVs, there is yet another device that can run apps. So what are you looking at? Get to work and ensure that your app works on these!

5. Consoles:
     Did you think your woes would end with televisions? Well, we’re sorry to disappoint. Consoles are not just for gaming anymore and you would do well to take them into consideration. For example, a Windows Phone app would do well to run on the Xbox, which runs on the Windows kernel.

6. Voice:

     Motorola gives you touchless controls and almost every device now supports the ‘Ok Google’ voice command. So, prepare to integrate voice recognition into your app in a big way. It is perhaps the one thing it needs to get ahead of the competition.

7. Motion Detection:

     Like voice commands, motion detection is another important feature. Especially with the arrival of things like smart televisions and consoles, you need to prepare for motion detection. You’ve heard of Xbox’s Kinect and the various smart TVs, which detect your hand motions and react to them. You know what they do and you know what we’re getting at.

8. Form Factors:

     We’ve talked about smartphones, tablets, televisions and consoles. All of these present different form factors, both in comparison to each others and within their own arenas as well. Add to this the comparatively new concept of two-in-one devices. Now do you see what you have to do?

9. Multiple Platforms:

     Android, iOS, Xbox, Tizen, Windows, BlackBerry, are only some of the platforms that your app needs to support. As new devices come in, your task as a developer will be all the more difficult. Still, focus on the ones mentioned and take it slow.

10. Touch:

     This one doesn’t really need to be mentioned, but you can’t do without it either. Almost every new device is touch-based nowadays, which means your app should be ready for it.

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