Free Course conducted by IIT-Madras,NASSCOM and Google

HRD minister MM Pallam Raju on Friday launched the Massive Open Online Courses of IIT-Madras that comprises distance education courses for a large number of participants through internet, video, text material, problem sets and will also provide an interactive platform for students and teachers.

Over four million engineering students can look forward to quality online distance education material rolled out by IITs in association with partners such as Nasscom and Google.

The “unique” part of the entire initiative is that students can get the chance to learn from the best professors. It’s aim is to provide IT industry-ready and job-ready courses to the students and emphasis has been given on foundation skills in IT and engineering proficiency programme, professors associated with the programme said, addding over four million students would be benefitted from it. One has to visit and sign up for the programme that are of 10 weeks duration and the first offering has been prepared by IIT Madras.

“I hope that the expansion of the programme does not lead to deterioration of the quality of the content,” Raju said. Online courses will begin on March 3.

IIT Bombay has also entered into an agreement with Edx and will be launching the first MOOCs course in July this year. The online courses will be followed by an in-person protracted exam that will be held on the lines of GATE in various centres across the country. The scorecard from the certification exam and a course completion certificate will be issued to all the successful candidate

Registration here:-


  • Who can register for the course?
    NPTEL online courses are open to everyone. The courses in programming, data structures and algorithms are aimed at undergraduate college students (any engineering or science stream) in their 2nd year or above.
  • What will be the duration of the course?
    The course duration will be for about 10 to 11 weeks.
  • How do I sign up?
    All you need is access to a computer with a current browser and an Internet connection. Log on to: and follow the sign-up procedures.
  • What should I do after I sign up?
    After sign-up, you have to watch the lecture videos and attempt the assignments every week regularly.
  • How are certificates issued?
    Certificates will be issued based on an in-person proctored online examination which will be conducted after the course concludes. A nominal fee is applicable to take the in-person proctored examination. Registration for the proctored exam will commence two weeks after the start of the online course.
  • Are the classes free?
    Yes. Access to the online course resources is free. A nominal fee is applicable if you want to take the in-person proctored online examination
  • Is there a last date for signing up?
    Yes, you need to sign up before a last date for every offering of the course. The last date will be displayed prominently in the portal.
  • Will the same course be offered again in the future?
    Yes, we have plans to offer the course again. More details will be available later on in the portal.
  • Can I take a course more than once?
    Yes, you can sign up every time the course is offered. You’ll begin each new session with a blank record.
  • Can I access the course content after a course ends?
    Course lectures will be made available online even after the course ends.
  • What if I sign up and do not watch the lectures or attempt the assignments?
    If you watch the lectures and submit assignments in the first two weeks, your registration in the course will be confirmed. If you do not login to the portal and submit assignments in the first week, your registration is likely to be cancelled.
  • I am final year in mechanical stream. I have no strong command over the basics in programming. Does the course start right from basics?
    Yes. This course can be taken by any student from their 2nd year onwards, from any discipline or stream in science or engineering.
  • I have to go to college from 7am to 5pm. When can I access this content?
    The course content is available on the portal at all times of the day. You can watch it whenever you have time from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • What is the fee for the certification exam?
    The fee will be posted on the portal prominently. We expect it to be around Rs. 2000.
  • What is the certification exam? Where should I write the certification exam?
    The certification exam will be conducted in the following 10 cities this time (May 31, June 1, 7, 8):
    North: Lucknow (there is some chance that Delhi will be added)
    East: Kolkata, Guwahati
    West: Mumbai, Thane, Ahmedabad
    South: Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram
    When you register for the exam, you will be able to pick the centre. The exam itself will consist of programming questions similar to the ones you will answer in the online course.
  • I am not free during the dates of the certification exam. What can I do?
    The certification exams are on Saturday and Sunday. We do hope you can make it on one of the four days. If it is not possible, you will have to appear for the exams offered in the future.
  • What is NPTEL and who are your partners in this program?
    NPTEL stands for National Programme for Technology Enhanced Learning, and it is a joint project of seven IITs and IISc Bangalore funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. In this certification effort, the entire portal is powered by Google as part of their continuing partnership with NPTEL. NASSCOM is a partner in the program, and NASSCOM member companies such as TCS and CTS have participated in syllabus and content creation.