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WordPress is today the world’s biggest self-hosted publishing domain. This tool is used by millions of people daily on millions of sites. WordPress is open source . This means hundreds of people are working on it and anyone can use it to make sites that may range from the simplest to the most complex, without the need to pay any license fee. It also gives users plenty of other freedom of actions. WordPress began in 2003 basically as a blogging system. It has since then become into a complete CMS (content management system ) thanks to its thousands of themes, widgets and plugins. Indeed, there is no limit to what you can do with it. In mid-January there was good news for this tool when Google made available its Google Publisher Plugin for WordPress. Though it’s in beta still, you can access Webmaster Tools and Google AdSense for your blog with it, if you are the owner of your own domain and power it with WordPress.

Easy installation, management: WordPress is renowned for the easy way it can be installed. Normally the installation process is very simple; you can do it in less than 5 minutes. You can get tools from a large number of web hosts – like Fantastico – which will automatically get WordPress installed for you. You can even do the job yourself and Automatic Upgrade tool will help make upgrading simpler. You can easily manage your site with WordPress. You don’t have to wait for a web designer to make easy updates; WordPress enables you to assume control over almost all aspects of your site.

Cost effective, customizable: With WordPress you don’t have to enlist the help of a designer to make even basic changes in text or add pages on your site. You can save money by making the changes yourself. When you are able to manage your site’s content it becomes very cost effective. With WordPress your site can be fully customized and give visitors a great experience.

Great for SEO: WordPress’s blog code construction is constant and streamlined and does not have too much HTML code, which means that Google finds it appealing for indexing. Besides, since you are able to customize all your pages or posts you will in all probability get your pages at top in Google SERP

Social Media Friendly: You can automatically combine your posts with networks on the social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and not do it one by one, and then send off a post that there’s something new at your website. WordPress helps you to link your content with other social media accounts you may have. This becomes a precious marketing tool for you as it can direct traffic straight back to your home site after giving your followers updates about the latest news.

Availability of various plugins: If you want to add stuff to your site like Twitter Feed, Facebook Fan Box, video gallery and event calendar, it’s possible with WordPress through plugins. These are mostly free or come at cheap prices.

Benefits of community power: WordPress is backed by a throbbing community of users who have solved many tough information-sharing problems of today. The newest WordPress version has notched more than 10 million downloads since its release some months back. The previous version had recorded downloads of more than 6 million. The WordPress community boasts of 20,000+ open source themes and plug-ins sprouting every day besides hundreds of basic contributors every release series.

Summing Up

What I’ve listed here are just a few, basic benefits of the Word Press publishing platform. There are many, many more as you’ll find out when you switch over to it. You’ll open the doors to endless possibilities. And this is the reason why an increasing number of businesses are turning to Word press to design their websites.

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