4 Easy Ways To Take Online Payments Today

As a web designer, it’s obvious that you need to take online payments. So, what do you do? Do you go out and pay for an expensive merchant account?

I once had a client that got a little rushed and did not take my
advice. 3 years later, he is paying an unreasonable monthly fee to Wells
Fargo for a system that he doesn’t even use. It was too hard to
integrate and he wanted something that was able to sell digital
products. He now uses an e-commerce system I setup, but he wasted a LOT
of money in the past few years.

Thankfully his contract is nearly up!

So, what do I recommend?

Well, before I get into my online payment, let explain to you what I am look for when taking online payments:

As a web designer, you are selling a digital good. Maybe you are
creating a site for a client that needs to sell e-books or a membership
site. Either way, when taking online payments, you need to be able to
process orders for digital products.

4 Easy Ways To Take Online Payments

Here are four systems I’ve used to integrate into websites for clients to take online payments:

PayPal Options

These are PayPal based systems


is a plugin that is made for WordPress based websites. It is a GREAT
shopping cart plugin that allows for physical and digital products. Best
of all, it starts as a FREE plugin! Yes, you have to pay for
extensions, but you can start taking online payments using Woo-Commerce and Paypal from day one.


Ecwid is another
great shopping cart system. Based on their server and site, you can
create a full blown e-commerce system. There are paid options, but you
can start free and upgrade as your business grows. Out of box, you can
use Paypal to start taking online payments for both digital and physical

Direct Bank Options

These systems transfer directly to your bank


Free to start, WePay
is a GREAT way to take online payments. I personally use it for one of
my sites. It’s made to be a payment processor to sell physical goods or
services. There is a transaction fee, but normally, I have funds in the
bank in two to three business days. You can even get an extension and
integrate this payment processor into Woo-Commerce!


Stripe can be a bit
advanced for most people, but if you are good at working with APIs,
then this is another way to take online payments. Yes, they transfer to
your bank, but funds are normally held for 7 days. I used Stripe in a SquareSpace site and did not like the long time for funds to clear. Other than that, it’s a great way to take payments.

Now that you have some ways to accept payments online, let’s get out and create a business!
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