How Many Times Should You Try Before Success?

How many times should you try before rationally
quitting? Intuitively, you would think there is a number that most
people will attempt before the survival instincts kick in. What is that
number? Apparently, it is much higher than one would think.

How Many Time Should You Try - motion graphic
The startup world is full of seemingly
instant successes. People hack together a website, and the next day
thousands of users roll in. That might happen for 1% of people. What
does that mean for you? Most likely you will not be that 1%. Then the
question is, how many times you should try before it becomes pointless.
How about 5,126 times – the number of times
James Dyson built failed prototypes of his vacuum cleaner? How about
10,000 tries to build a light bulb. These numbers might somewhat make
sense if you believe you are destined to build that vacuum cleaner. But
if you are not sure,  imagine how you would feel if you are on attempt
number 5,014 and still no end in sight.

How Many Times?

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