10 Fresh Lists for Web Designers and Developers

Why are lists of “10 Best / Popular / etc Things for Some People” so
popular? Of course, such blog posts are very easy to read, understand
and remember. But perhaps the main reason is that it’s some kind of game
because people like to find their own favorite thing and say: “Yeah, I
always knew that this CSS framework is the best one, and it was a right
choice to use it in that project!” or “Oh, it’s impossible, they forgot
the best HTML code editor, I must fix that right now in the comments!”
In any case we’ve decided to make such a list too :)
. This time it’s a collection of fresh lists from other blogs which may
be interesting and useful for web designers and developers.

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP

1). 10 Amazing HTML5 Tools For Web Designers and Developers
by Arnold Foster: “…some very beneficial HTML5 tools that will aid you enhance your HTML5 abilities.”

2). 20 Fresh Responsive CSS Frameworks For Developers
by templatesledger: “…a list of 20 Fresh Responsive Frameworks
For Developers. So check them out, pick the ones you like the best and
take advantage of them.”

3). 10 Great jQuery Plugins Which Developers Should Make Use of
by Andrew Smith: “Here are top 10 jQuery plugins having great importance when it comes to web development.”

4). 10 Useful Free PHP Scripts for Developers
by Gavin: “The following php scripts are easy to install, configure and useful and will help you to achieve desired results rapidly.”

5). 50+ fantastic free tools for designers
by Juan Pablo Sarmiento: “This great selection has over 50 free
resources including coding tools for developers, icons sets, fonts, PSD
and vector design sets, patterns and flat UI kits, and many more, meant
to dazzle everyone with your next mobile projects, website or blog.”

6). 10 Free Web Development Tools To Make Job Easier
by inspiretrends: “…a newest collection which can help your
production in fanatic way. The tools are mixture of CSS, Html, PHP,
JavaScript and frameworks.”

7). 10 Free Tools For Web Designers
by Jayanth Majety: “Suppose, if a web designer is in need of a
feature that has to be used in his current activity he just can’t start
coding it right from the beginning. It’s a lengthy process. To overcome
this, we have got some web design tools.”

Webdev Tools

8). Top 10 Code Syntax Highlighter jQuery Plugins
by Amit: “These code syntax highlighter plugins give you ease
to enter your code lines with normal text and your code would get
highlighted in different styles other than normal text.”

9). 10 Free Chat Applications for Your Websites
by Gavin: “10 Free Chat Applications for Your Websites which
will help you communicate with your visitors and help you to enhance
your business and sales. Following chat applications would easily
integrate to your website and give your website an e-commerce website
look and feel.”

10). 10 Handy Responsive Design Testing Tools For Designers and Developers
by Steve Smith: “…a few but beneficial responsive design
testing tools. Let us take a look at these 10 great tools and
optimistically, these will make your testing life much simpler.”


Top 10 Movies for Programmers
by admin: “A lot of concepts in computer programming world have
been used in movies. Some of them are just so cool, and they even help
programmers to understand some programming concepts. The following are
my list of top 10 movies and my understanding of programming concepts
they use.”

Sergiy Lavryk

About the Author
is the CEO of HTMLcut, a markup coding company. He is an experienced web and software developer with over 12+ years of practical apps creation.