​ PHP Web Programming and Business Benefits of PHP Development

PHP is a popular scripting language that evolved from what was called the Personal Home Page by Rasmus Lerdorf. Initially developed as a series of scripts that was used to track visitors to a webpage, it has turned out to be an interpreter on most operating systems and platforms and is considered the most popular language in the field of web development today.
php web development

PHP can be used to create a range of web applications including personal websites, e-commerce applications as well as community web portals. As per statistics, about 35% of web traffic is handled by it while a vast majority of websites including those of Facebook and Wikipedia have used this language. Even the best blogging platforms like WordPress or Joomla are built using the platform.
It is not without reason that this language has become so widely preferred as well as used. Several factors have contributed to its success.
Here is a brief overview of how businesses benefit from PHP web development:
It’s Open Source and Therefore, It’s Free
The platform is freely available for use. In addition, the community of open source PHP developers not only offer technical support but are also on the lookout for updating the core functionalities of the language. It, along with the other required software such as Apache Server, MySQL and Text Editors are obtainable free of cost under PHP General Public License. For businesses, this appears to be a very cost- effective option.
It’s Powerful
The programming platform is powerful enough to allow an effective performance of several web tasks. Different types as well as natures of websites can be developed using PHP. These encompass informative forums, e-commerce shopping carts, e- business, community websites and even the rather huge database driven websites.
It is Highly Compatible
The language is best- suited for cross-platform applications while also being highly compatible with the prominent web servers and operating systems. The scripts of this particular language can run across Linux, Solaris, OpenBSD, Windows as well as Mac OSX. It offers support for servers like IIS, Apache, iPlanet and more.
It Helps in Faster plus Easier Web Development
PHP not only works well with the web but also allows in quick web development. With this particular language, accessing the GET and POST or operating with HTML and URLs is easy apart from being flexible.
It Offers Complete Security
The platform is widely preferred also because of its ability to offer top level security and prevent malicious attacks. Thus, hacker proof websites can be built while the security stages can be attuned in the .ini file.
It Provides Extensions to Expand Functionalities
A range of extensions along with libraries are made available by PHP for those willing to extend the core functionalities of their websites. Even the source code of the language can be modified to incorporate the custom created components as well as extensions. This automatically increases the extensibility.
It Comes up with Great Community Support
One of the main advantages of PHP is its offer of community. For instance, if a particular developer is looking for certain script, he can check within the PHP community for availability and oftentimes, he will get something similar to what he wants, created by another developer. Others can also take advantage of certain function that you have created.
Refreshes Automatically
This is yet another advantage of PHP when it comes to web development. The platform enables automatic refreshing, hence, does not require any kind of manual changes to be made. This characteristic makes it quite sought after for building the dynamic websites in particular.
Enables Easier Access to the Other Tools
PHP allows for easier access to web based tools. Now, tools such as Google maps are extremely useful for the creation of business websites. It is for this reason that the language is popular in this respect too.
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