Eight questions candidates must ask in interview ?

Sakaar Anand, VP-HR, CA Technologies advises you on questions to ask at your next job interview!

Candidates often
wonder if it is actually right to question their prospective employer
about the job. Will the employer like it or get offended? It is an
important window for a candidate to understand the mindset of their
prospective employer. And, if candidates’ feel they will fumble during
the interview, it is wise to prepare a list of questions to grill the
interviewer. However, the real trick is to choose the right questions.

For mid and senior level jobs, some important questions that candidates should get answered are:

* Please describe the top three things that really drive results for this company.

* What is the company’s culture and leadership philosophy like?

* What do you expect me to accomplish in the first 60 to 90 days in this role?

What is the typical career trajectory for a person in this role and
this role’s contribution to the success of the organization?

* What are the three most important skills needed to excel in this role?

* What is the company’s continued education and professional training policy?

* How are employees encouraged to invest their spare time?

What do you think distinguishes this company from its competitors, both
from an external point of view and employee perspective?

Source: Techgig