LED lights can damage your eyes: Study

The so-called ecofriendly LED lights may cause permanent damage to
your eyes, a new research has claimed. The study found that exposure to
light-emitting diode (LED) lights can cause irreparable harm to the
retina of the human eye. 
Once the retina cells are destroyed
by prolonged and continuous exposure to LED rays, they cannot be
replaced and will not regrow, Think-Spain.com reported. 
said this is caused by the high levels of radiation in the ‘blue band’ ,
and is likely to become a global epidemic in the medium term given that
computer, mobiles and TV screens, and even traffic and street lights,
have been gradually replaced with LED. Experts are calling for the
lights to have built-in filters to cut out the blue glare. 
Celia Sanchez Ramos, investigator at Madrid’s Complutense University,
said the retina never regenerates itself once it has become damaged.
Ramos said LED lights are made up of rainbow longitude waves, and it is
the blue part which causes the problem.