Free jQuery Courses and Training material

In this post, we bring you a list of Free jQuery Course and Training Material
which are useful from beginner to an expert. Of course, this blog has
some useful, handy material but the below list has some serious and
exceptional training materials which are created specifically for
training purpose.

  • Try jQuery.
    Try jQuery walks you through the most fundamental building blocks of
    jQuery, from actually getting the library into your page to selecting,
    manipulating, and creating DOM elements, and reacting to user input.
  • Learn jQuery is
    the official learning portal for the library. If you’re looking for
    explanations of the basics, workarounds for common problems, best
    practices, and how-tos, then that’s the right place!
  • jQuery Fundamentals is designed to get you comfortable working through common problems you’ll be called upon to solve using jQuery.
  • Lessons by appendTo() has collection of free video lessons on JavaScript, jQuery, events, methods and selectors.
  • Learn jQuery in 30 Days
    is a free newsletter course by tutsplus. Once you subscribe, each day
    you’ll be sent a free video lesson in your email for 30 days.
  • jQuery Succinctly
    was written to express, in short-order, the concepts essential to
    intermediate and advanced jQuery development. Its purpose is to instill
    in you, the reader, practices that jQuery developers take as common