Informative Links: JavaScript

Asynchronous JS Programming

Delayed Initialization

Programming Style by Crockford

Scalable JavaScript Application Architecture

JavaScript Routing System

Securing JavaScript

Writing Efficing JS Code

Getting Closure in JavaScript 

Immediately-Invoked Function Expression (IIFE)

Self-Executing Anonymous Functions

JavaScript Design Patterns


Debugging with Chrome Developer Tools




Exploring the relationship between JavaScript and the modern HTML DOM

Journey Through The JavaScript MVC Jungle

Modernizr with Faruk Ates

Easy Script Loading with yepnope.js

What are the use cases for RequireJS vs. Yepnope vs. LABjs?

Design Patterns for JavaScript Web Apps

Writing Modular JavaScript With AMD, CommonJS & ES Harmony 

Why AMD? – Part 1

Why AMD? – Part 2

RequireJS – The Basics

RequireJS – The Basics Part Deux

RequireJS – Optimizer

Optimize Your CSS With RequireJS

JavaScript Application Architecture with Backbone.js

[EN] Introduction to Backbone.js by Pierre Spring 

Introduction to Backbone.js Part 1: Models Tutorial

Introduction to Backbone.js Part 2: Views Tutorial

Introduction to Backbone.js Part 3: Routers Tutorial

Introduction to Backbone.js Part 4: Collections Tutorial

Introduction to Backbone.js Part 5: AJAX Tutorial

JavaScript Class

Getting Started with the JavaScript Version of the GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP)