4 methods to remove the blue border image link, using CSS

First of all that blue border is coming from the color of your links,
so it can be any color. To remove that border from the images which
have a link you’ll have to add to your style one of the following four
lines, each one doing practically the same thing.

Is not necessarily to style img a. It’s OK to style only the img
and will apply that style to all images from that page/website, no
matter if that pictures are carrying a link or not. If you want to apply
the style only on a preferred page you will have to add the style into
the header of that page only.

Add one of the following line to your css file and it will remove that annoying blue border image link:

img {border: none}
img {border: 0px}
img {border: 0}
img {border: solid 0}

While some of these methods will work, other will not. I recommend using of: img {border: none},
which works well in all known web browsers. Many html-shrinker programs
(programs which strip out superfluous white space and unneeded markup,
to reduce the size of the page) reduce 0px, 0em, 0pt, etc) to just “0″
and the page-size is reduced by a few bits on every instance.

All of these methods are valid markup but, except the one I’ve just
recommended, don’t expect to give the same results in all browsers.
As a final advice try to specify style, width and color explicitly. Not
all browsers are that smart we want it to be and you understand
perfectly about which one(s) I’m talking about.