Search jobs using Gtalk

Here’s some great news for savvy internet users who spend more time on the social web 
We at naukri are continuously focused on making it easier for our users to search and find jobs. In the spirit of that objective, we bring you “NaukriOnChat” ! It’s the power to search for jobs – anytime and anywhere without even logging on to
In fact, it is as simple as chatting to someone.. Because that’s precisely what it is !
Using Gtalk open APIs, we just developed a tool that enables all Gtalk users to search for jobs on by simply chatting with our bot. All you need to do is add “ ” to your friends’ list and you are ready to go.
If you are a Gtalk user – you can search and find jobs and if you are registered with , you can also apply to the jobs that you like – using this medium.
Though the prime intent behind this tool was simplifying the online job-search experience for jobseekers, as a by-product – if your organization has blocked – don’t fret cause this would help you search for jobs despite that  Moreover, if your boss is in your cubicle, he/she would not even come to know that you are searching for jobs on !