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Share your thoughts: Through vernacular language too. Photo: K. Ananthan
Share your thoughts: Through vernacular language too.

A blog allows you to put your thoughts down, talk about anything and express
 your views on a wide array of subjects.
In a world where technology has taken over, the pen and paper have been replaced 
by the Internet. Blogs have gained immense popularity for this very reason. So,
 the talk in the school recess is, have you blogged today? And it’s a fad to have a blog.
 A visit to the museum, the latest book read or the problem with a subject at school,
 all finds its way on the web pages with pictures and scanned images on a personalised
 space in the blogosphere today.
A blog allows you to put your thoughts down, talk about anything and express
 your views on a wide array of subjects. In a way, it makes you more aware of
 what you’re feeling.
Nidhi Iyer, Std. X, who has been blogging for two years, says “a blog is a useful outlet 
and helps me remain calm. I write about life and I feel my thoughts flow more freely.
” In addition to allowing you to express yourself freely, there is also the added benefit
 of your posts being read by other people. Today’s generation look at this as more of an
 advantage, as people are allowed to leave comments in the form of comforting advice,
 constructive criticism, opinions and answers.
An online journal
Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary,
 descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.
While blogs function as online diaries where you can customise your pages with 
different fonts, designs, colours, personal diaries are traditional bound and comprise
 of handwritten thoughts.
Typically the pages are pre-printed so all you have to is to write. Also, blogs can be 
viewed by all, whereas a journal is more personalised.
Blogger, Live Journal and Word Press are a few websites wherein one can create an
 account and start blogging.
Tanushree Khemani, Std. X, who started blogging a year ago feels that ‘you can write
 and share and not be judged. In fact other people read your post and that’s an 
advantage, as compared to writing in a journal’.
Sometimes, feedback from someone who has read your entry can make you look at your cerebrations in a whole new perspective! Privacy options help you to decide who can 
and can’t view your blog, so sharing your problems with the entire world is not an issue.
Remember the movie “Julie and Julia” where a food and cooking enthusiast resorts
 to blogs and shares her recipes and hardships through her posts?
Her million readers all around the world help her through it all and eventually, she 
gets published! Blogs have been popularised in this manner, wherein talent is recognised.
 Today celebrities and other eminent personalities blog for their fans as well.
With online blogs, it is good to know that the essence of self expression is not lost.
 What is even better is that, technology has found a way to keep you connected with
 others and more importantly, with yourself.